Installation & Manufacturing of Cartridge seals, non-clog seals, single coil seals, multispring seals, ptfe bellow seals, metal bellow seals, double seals, dual balanced seals.

APCO Cartridge Seals (AKT)

» Cartridge construction
» Pre-assembled
» Static compression unit
» Balanced

Operating Limits:

Variant Pressure Temperature Speed
AKT Upto 25 bar 220C* 15 m/s

*Normal range 180C. Extended range with suitable elastomers 220C.

Size: 25 mm to 75 mm

Applications: Slurries, viscous media, paper and pulp. Cartridge seals, as the name suggest are preassembled, factory tested, balanced seals, 'Fit-it, Bolt-it' design makes these seals most easy for installation. Spring protected 'O' ring design allows the seal to work in viscous and abrasive media. Specially designed dynamic elastomers and seal faces make the seal fret-free.