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APCO Dual Balanced Agitator Seals(ADB)

» Balanced
» Dry / wet

Operating Limits:

Variant Pressure Temperature Speed
ADB (Dry) Full Vacuum to 10 bar 120C 150 RPM
ADBH (Wet) Full Vaccum to 10 bar 180C 200 RPM
AMP Full Vaccum to 6 bar 120C 150 RPM

Size: 20 mm to 200 mm

Applications: Chemical, pharmaceuticals plants and solvents. These seals are offered in dry as well as wet construction. Due to its unique design this seal can withstand full vacuum to high pressure. These seals offer ease of installation, and can also accommodate high eccentricity and out-of-concentricity (upto 3 mm). Steam - sterilizable variant is offered for sterilizers.