Installation & Manufacturing of Cartridge seals, non-clog seals, single coil seals, multispring seals, ptfe bellow seals, metal bellow seals, double seals, dual balanced seals.

Service Module: Consulting & Engineering

Once all the seals in a plant have been recorded and analyzed, we draw up standardization concepts based on the actual situation. What we aim to do is to optimize the number of seal types, sizes, and materials used, and to improve the Plant down time . We advise on rules and legal regulations, and illustrate the measures that need to be taken.

The benefits to you:

  • » Systematic and consistent analysis as a reliable basis for developing suitable measures
  • » Potential improvements are highlighted, e.g. standardization with the aim of optimizing seal types,
       sizes, and materials
  • » Advice on technical versions and alternatives

Technical Analysis & Support

A team of sealing specialists works to eliminate process disruptions or "bad actors." Using state-of-the-art methods such as data logging, critical positions for the operation of the plant are diagnosed, and remedial actions are drawn up.

We carry out tests under application-oriented conditions on test benches or in original pumps at our research and development centers. The goals are to extend the MTBF, and increase plant availability.

On-site service

APCO Selas has the technical expertise to help you increase uptime and optimize equipment performance. Our network of field service professionals can perform services on both APCO seals and non-APCO seals.
Available on an as-needed, scheduled, or full-time basis, we help you meet your specific needs throughout the lifecycle of your maintenance strategy.


Our fitters and technicians take care of all types of seal maintenance, either at the plant or at the Service Center: assembly, commissioning, servicing, modernization, and repairs. Data relating to the seal's functions, such as the causes of a failure, measures to eliminate damage or costs is recorded and documented.

This makes it possible to continuously assess the seal's service life and maintenance costs, providing a sound basis for action to optimize service intervals and plant availability.